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Wakelite 3D

– Studio lightning in your pocket

– Take your picture without shadows

– Compatible with all available flashes

Speedlight light modifier reinvented

The Wakelite 3D Professional Diffuser family is a speedlight flash-mounted light deflector unit that is a professional alternative to the white tab that can be pulled out of the flash. The essence of the product is that the light coming out of the flash collides with a wavy deflector, so the light is scattered in significantly more directions than the average light modifiers, resulting in a saturated, plastic illumination, and the shadows behind the subject will be much softer and lower in contrast. The quick turnaround ring allows you to rotate the back cover to the other side of the flash in seconds, allowing you to take photos even in portrait mode. The frame of the system is a black back panel into which we can simply snap the wavy light deflector according to what color lighting we need.

Features of the Wakelite 3D Professional Flash Diffuser System

3D wavy design

creates an 18-20 percent larger reflective surface

Flash capacity increase

as due to the higher reflectivity the light loss is almost negligible

Light scattering in multiple directions

the "main light" reflected from the wavy surface creates a vivid illumination and the "side light" evenly illuminates the environment

More aesthetic shadows

the shadows behind the subject will be minimized and much softer than usual

Quick usage

the wavy reflective adapter can be quickly replaced on the back panel and the quick turnaround ring can be flipped to portrait position in a matter of seconds

Easy portabilityg

the back cover is only 10x15x2 cm together with the adapter, and its weight is also negligible

Additional adapters

*a set of 3 additional reflector adapters (white, gold and gray) is also available separately for different lighting conditions 

* in case of the Extra and Premium Package they are included in the package

High quality materials

the mounting ring and adapter holder are made of elastic, durable TPU, the back is made of strong but light ABS

Made in the European Union

which guarantees quality as well as fast parts delivery and servicen

Adapters for the Wakelite 3D system and their use

The Wakelite 3D system consists of a ring pulled onto the speedlight, a black back and an insert adapter. You should choose the type of adapter (light reflective reflector) according to the color of the lighting and how soft shadows you need.

When replaced, the adapter* can be easily snapped out of the back cover and the other can be easily inserted by fitting it to the perforation. Then press the back cover into the ring on the flash.

* The Basic package includes silver, the Extra and Premium packages include additional white, gray and gold adapters, but the latter three are also available separately.


Illuminate large spaces, spacious halls or underlit rooms as main light. Flash photography and clarification of distant objects and people. For sports shots, concerts, backlight or people dressed in dark clothing.


More restrained, softer lighting. Wedding photography, daytime photography, close-ups, objects. It results in vivid imaging (for example in case of white skin people and light clothing).


It has no effect on colors and is therefore suitable for subject photography, for example. Very useful when you want more restrained, softer lighting. The shadow behind the subject disappears almost completely.


Warm mood shots (for example: candlelight, golden hour). Early morning and late afternoon photos. Body painting, highlighting hair photos, makeup, soft, vivid illumination of brown skin.

wide range compatibility with the following brands

Newly Introduced Worldwide

A special flash accessory


I am Istvan Budai , a photographer with more than forty years’ professional experience. I have had the good fortune to take photographs in America, Australia, Indonesia and various countries in Europe. While travelling the world, together with photographing nature, it has always been important to me to get to know different cultures, people, and faces, and to eternalise them in my pictures.

“when you put it on your flash, you wouldn’t get off it ever…”

“Wakelite is an easy to use, quick and simple solution to reflect soft, gentle light on the subject, to make the photo evenly lit and still dynamic.”

“WAKELITE is a great invention that is always with me when I take photos.”

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